About Us

Since 2008 Brighten Careers Institute has maintained a reputation for providing quality learning experiences in a dynamic, supportive learning environment through professionally developed English language programs along with industry skills and knowledge training.

With our ever-evolving experience in developing and providing our quality business English courses, conversation and communication skills courses, intensive language courses, internships in wide-ranging industries, as well as study tours, we understand the importance of continuously advancing and implementing exciting new programs to provide the most relevant up-to-date learning experience.

Our Vision

English education for a brighter world

Our vision is to pave the way for a brighter world where people around the world can freely share their knowledge and experiences beyond the limits of language.

We design and develop practical English courses that are innovative and different from the traditional English training curriculum and standards. We do this in partnership with industry experts whose contributions allow our learners to explore the world using the universal language, English.

We believe learning English enables our learners to overcome language barrier, which then empowers them tow express themselves globally.

Our Campus

Brighten is located in the heart of the Sydney CBD, the world's 5th largest study destination for international students worldwide.

We offer all our courses remotely in partnership with our global clients, including those in the Republic of Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as those in many other countries and regions throughout the world, as we continue to expand our strategic relationships now and in the near future.

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