Online Remote Courses

Personalised English courses

that reflect your major / occupation / goals

and your English level.

Course Introduction

1:1 remote online courses are designed to provide our learners with an opportunity to develop positive and practical communication skills, which play the essential part of the career development.

Available 1:1 Online Remote Courses

Courses are classified by learners and by core skills

By Learners

Courses are available for beginners, college students and office workers. Find out which English course is right for your job and your English level .

By Core Skills

Courses are available for developing the desired language skills for business, customer services, and also for preparing official English exams.

Educational benefits of our courses

Tailored courses that reflect your learning needs

Improved language skills to develop your career pathway

Flexible study methods that allow you to study anytime and anywhere

Develop your professional communication skills

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