Student Service

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the method to apply for a free trial lesson?

1) You can visit enquire now page and start the enquiry form.

2) In the enquiry form, you can select 'Free lesson trial' option from the drop down menu under enquiry classification. Please ensure you input the time and date when you wish to participate in a free lesson trial in the form as well.

3) Within 24 hours of the form submission, one of our trainer will be in contact with you to confirm the time and date for the Free trial lesson.

4) You will receive the details on how the lesson runs by email.

2. Am I able to change and/or cancel the scheduled lesson and/or trial lesson?

You can change or cancel only when you inform your trainer by email within 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time.

3. Does it have to be only 1 on 1 lesson? Am I able to participate in the lesson with my friends?

1) Any courses offered by Brighten can be either 1 on 1, or a group of three students upon your request.

2) You can make an enquiry regarding the price for a small group plan through our enquiry form.

3) Please be mindful that there might be a limitation in changing and/or cancelling the scheduled calls for a small group plan. Please ensure you speak to the trainer for further adjustments.