University Students

For everyone who wishes to improve their English language skills for university studies.

Study English remotely with our native speaking trainer without travelling overseas for language study.

Why do university students need to study English with Brighten?

  • You may have studied English throughout your primary and secondary school in your country, your English though is limited to solely exam focused formal English.

  • When studying a university course that is delivered in English you are able to understand the general nuances only, the details, though, are more difficult to understand.

  • In this regard, Brighten understands your concerns and will provide the most effective tailored educational program to enhance your understanding and further expand your insight and relevant language skills.

What does this course focus on?

Critical Thinking | Learn the skills needed to improve listening, understanding, and critically evaluating information so as to be able to clearly express your opinion in discussions, tutorials and lectures.

Academic Purposes | Develop your writing skills for your study. Our native-speaking trainers proofread and provide feedback for your academic goals.

Perspective | Expand your insight and perspective towards the world by talking with your trainer on concurrent global issues relating to your major.

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