Keys to success in learning English

By BCI Digital Marketing teamPosted 29th Sept 2021

Living in the post-covid era has impacted on our English teaching industry where the textbooks that carry a heavy amount of learning resources have now disappeared by adapting the new type of learning platform, so called e-Learning, in order to cope with the online learning.

Our dedicated TAFE English platform has been introduced to the market since 2014, which caters to the needs of our students who want to study the English programs with reduced level of exposure to face-to-face learning by studying English fully online during the covid restrictions that hinder international travels between countries.

Our dedicated learning platform, TAFE NSW, is supporting our students who have the desire to study, not only the general English, but also the industry English programs, such as English for PHospitality and English for Health Professionals that help the learners to understand and gain the required industry English skills and knowledge to enhance their employability.

If you are interested and are seeking learning opportunities to improve your English proficiency as well as industry English skills and knowledge, contact us now at