Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing Industry Training

About the course

A skill focused course that is highly relevant to a number of industries- learn and develop these skills to make yourself an asset to any business focused on client relations.

Brighten Careers Institute has designed the Sales and Marketing Short Course to give students the research and market analyst skills to produce and promote products.

This course combines theoretical information about working in Sales and Marketing in Australia with insight into understanding Australian consumer behaviour, planning promotional activities and preparing reports on the research conducted.

Sales & Marketing Training Modules

  1. Contribute to health and safety of self and others

  • Working safely

  • Implementing work safety requirements

  • Participating in Work, Health and Safety (WHS) processes

2. Promote products and services

  • Plan promotional activities

  • Co-ordinate promotional activities

  • Review and report on promotional activities

3. Conduct market research

  • Conduct desk research to gather background market information

  • Develop research methodology and objectives

  • Recruit respondents

  • Gather data and information from respondents

  • Analyse research information

  • Prepare research reports

4. Analyse consumer behaviour

  • Confirm product or service market

  • Assess reasons for existing levels of consumer interest

  • Recommend focus of appeal for marketing strategies for product or service

Sales & Marketing Professional Skills Development

What is Professional Skills Development?

At Brighten Careers Institute, we have developed a program that combines practical experiences and theoretical knowledge in order to increase the employability of our students.

We have identified the skills and abilities that employers seek in new staff members and have tailored our course to help learners develop into the ideal job candidate.

Sales & Marketing Training Package

Sales and Marketing theory that addresses expertise such as planning promotional activities, conducting market analysis and assessing consumer interest.

We want our students to not only excel in the workforce, but to prepare them for their future careers.

Throughout this program, our students will participate in several practical experiences that will encourage them to practise their language and Sales and Marketing skills in the classroom and out in the “real” world.

How does it work?

Self-paced learning

Enjoy self-paced online learning through our dedicated e-learning platform.

Practical experience

Join our virtual classes and practical experiences such as RSA, RCG and Barista courses.

Employability Support

English and Employability support sessions are available to help learners career and personal development.

Industry Exposure

Site visits, presentations from business professionals, work experience.


Students are toured around some of Sydney’s most famous landmarks by a local Sydney university student.

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