Hospitality Industry Training

About the course

The diverse and fast-paced Hospitality Industry of Australia encompasses many fields that share a common goal of providing exceptional customer service experiences.

Brighten Careers Institute has designed their Online Hospitality Short Course in consultation with experts from the Australian hospitality industry to give students the skills and knowledge to excel in the work force.

This course combines theoretical information about working in hospitality in Australia with industry knowledge so that the student is prepared for the multifaceted system that is the Hospitality Industry.

Hospitality Training Modules

  1. Contribute to health and safety of self and others

  • Working safely

  • Implementing work safety requirements

  • Participating in Work, Health and Safety (WHS) processes

2. Participate in safe work practices

  • Working safely

  • Following procedures for emergency situations

  • Participating in organisational WHS practices

3. Work effectively in hospitality service

  • Prepare for service

  • Provide service

  • Complete operational tasks

  • Complete end of shift duties

4. Provide service to customers

  • Communicate with internal and external customers.

  • Follow defined organisational standards when delivering service

  • Provide service to customers

  • Respond to customer complaints

  • Provide internal feedback on customer service practices

Hospitality Professional Skills Development

What is Professional Skills Development?

At Brighten Careers Institute, we have developed a program that combines practical experiences and theoretical knowledge in order to increase the employability of our students.

We have identified the skills and abilities that employers seek in new staff members and have tailored our course to help learners develop into the ideal job candidate.

Hospitality Training Package

World Wide English + English for Hospitality

Hospitality Professional Skills Development Program delivers skill based training in combination with relevant hospitality theory that addresses the components of working in hotels, restaurants and cafes.

We want our students to not only excel in the workforce, but to prepare them for their future careers.

How does it work?

Self-paced learning

Enjoy self-paced online learning through our dedicated e-learning platform.

Practical experience

Join our face-to-face classes and practical experiences such as RSA, RCG and Barista courses.

Employability Support

English and Employability support sessions are available to help learners career and personal development.

Industry Exposure

Site visits, presentations from Hospitality professionals, work experience.


Students are toured around some of Sydney’s most famous landmarks by a local Sydney university student.

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