Healthcare Industry


As exceptional communication skills are key to ongoing healthcare professional development success, your one-to-one trainer will focus on the specific communication skills that will personally help you to not only achieve success in your industry, but also in achieving your career ambitions and goals.

What you will learn:

  • Professional language for your current or future management role

  • Conversational language to build rapport with stakeholders and team members while managing teams

  • Pronunciation and fluency improvement

  • Vocabulary and terms common to the healthcare industry

Benefits of learning 1:1

  • Speak English confidently in professional situations

  • Build successful business relationships with stakeholders, clients, and colleagues

  • Greatly improved professional career opportunities within the industry

  • Your Health Care Management Communication Skills 1:1 Course can be customised to suit your personal requirements

Course levels

Suitable for the following English levels.

  • Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced levels

Course duration

Course duration varies based on your learning needs.

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