Professional Communication Skills

1:1 and Small Groups

About the course

Our Professional Communication Skills team specialises in designing and customising practical, highly relevant learning programs for professionals across all industries who aim to enrich their careers through the power of communication

How does it work?

Professional development

Practical, current, relevant, content that is specific to your professional development requirements

Tailored learning

Individually designed and delivered to your chosen time and place

Connected globally

Get connected wherever you want.

  • Online learning

  • face-to-face learning in our training rooms or

  • a combination of online and face-to-face learning

Cross-cultural communication

Cross-cultural communication skills to build bridges and businesses across cultures globally.

Professional Communication Skills Courses

Finance Industry

Help you to achieve success in all sectors of the industry with your career ambitions and goals.

Hospitality Management

Focus on the communication skills to improve your personal hospitality management style

IT Industry

Improve your communication skills for your current or future role in IT.

Media Industry

Focus on the specific professional communication skills required in the media industry

Logistics Industry

Focus on the industry specific skills that will help you to achieve success in the logistics industry.

Construction Industry

Improve your communication skills for your current or future role in the construction industry.

Human Resources (HR)

Develop exceptional language skills for your role in HR.

Sports Management

Develop professional language skills to effectively improve your sports management style.

Healthcare Industry

Apply the language skills you need for working effectively in the healthcare industry.

Tourism Industry

Focus on the specific language skills that will assist you to provide quality professional expertise.

Real Estate Industry

Improve your professional communication skills for a range of real estate related business interactions.

Corporate Management

Understand the language skills that are commonly used in corporate management environment.

Free trial available for 1 on 1 communication skills training and consultation.