Industry Training Program

Hospitality Course

The diverse and fast-paced Hospitality Industry of Australia encompasses many fields that share a common goal of providing exceptional customer service experiences.

This course combines theoretical information about working in hospitality in Australia with industry knowledge so that the student is prepared for the multifaceted system that is the Hospitality Industry.

Business FUndamentals Course

Having good fundamental business skills heightens your employability rate as the skills you develop are transferable to jobs within many industries.

This course combines theoretical information about working in a business environment in Australia with techniques to improve professional skills so that the student is prepared for the Australian workforce and has the aptitude to make them a successful employee.

Australian Health Care Course

The Health Care industry in Australia comprises of people in various professions who focus on and promote the health and well-being of their patients.

Student partaking this course will gain a clear understanding of the many specialists involved in the health industry that contribute to the care of patients.

Personal Skills Course

Excellent relationships with colleagues, customers and clients are essential to the success of a business and the growth of a person’s career.

Brighten Careers Institute has designed their Online Personal Skills Short Course to give students the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the work force.

This course encourages students to identify areas of personal strength and weaknesses so that they can improve and grow into a successful employee.

Sales & Marketing Course

A skill focused course that is highly relevant to a number of industries- learn and develop these skills to make yourself an asset to any business focused on client relations.

Brighten Careers Institute has designed the Sales and Marketing Short Course to give students the research and market analyst skills to produce and promote products with insight into understanding Australian consumer behaviour, planning promotional activities and preparing reports on the research conducted.


TAFE NSW provides leadership in the field of English language and literacy education through its resource and curriculum development.

Over 500 institutions integrate TAFE NSW online English courses, curriculum and published teaching materials into their existing English language programs.

A wide range of English programs from general English to industry English programs for business, hospitality, health and medical sectors are available.

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