Global Challenger Program

For domestic companies or
public organisations which plan to
expand markets globally

Program Overview

We understand the professional needs and challenges and provide specialised language solutions for domestic corporates and organisations that wish to promote and develop their employees' essential English language skills for strategic market expansion globally.

Program Specifications

1. Provide tailored program

A tailored program that is designed to achieve organisational goals with consideration of organisation's area of interest and specialisation.

2. Redesign the program in accordance with organisational needs

You have freedom to segment the participant group, either individually, or collectively in a small group, for your training sessions.

3. Meet the Expert Program

Invite an industry expert to present an interesting and informative industry related lecture to your group.

4. Flexible fee adjustment

We offer flexible fee adjustment in association with the budget plan of each department and/or each company. Please contact us for further discussion.

Core Values of the Global Challenger Program

Package 1

1 on 1 online communication class for improving the English proficiency as a team

Package 2

Improve debate competence through free discussion sessions covering topics selected by each team

Package 3

Invite a guest speaker in relation to the business that your company belongs to

Package 4

Prepare professional presentation and conference through practical preparation process

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