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Course Overview

The current affairs discussion course is designed for those who want to develop the logical language skills required to participate in dynamic discussion/debate sessions regarding various emerging issues globally.

Do I need Brighten's discussion course?

English learning may be experienced passively as one-way delivery from a trainer to learners that is solely textbook focused.

Brighten's discussion course, however, pursues a two way communication method, which draws on the participation of learners to actively associate with other participants regarding the given global topics.

Learners will be able to understand how to effectively deliver and debate their opinion with others throughout the learning process, during which they learn how to develop communication focused effective language and expression skills.

How does this course work?

Critical thinking | Select one interesting topic based on the latest articles published by the world's leading media with high public confidence, and write an effective response based on reading comprehension and analysis.

Debate | Based on the information acquired and analysed with partners in a small group, each participant develops effective speaking skills through presenting opinions and sound criticism within a given time. Through this process you understand and practise discussion/debate strategy.

Feedback |The trainer's feedback will be given regarding the contents that need improvement and appropriate suggestions and correction will be provided.

Educational benefits of our courses

Improved language skills to develop your career pathway

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Tailored courses that reflect your learning needs

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