Prospective • Foreign Residents

For those who wish to improve their English skills before or after migrating to English speaking countries.

Study English remotely with our native speaking trainers online.

I am currently preparing to migrate/ living overseas. Why do I need Brighten's English program?

  • It is essential to learn effective language skills for mutual exchanges that occur every day in your life.

  • One of the most common issues that foreign residents face is the language barrier, which hinders individuals' ability to cope with the culture and daily life in English speaking countries, plus, it further limits the development of inherent individual potential.

How can Brighten's English program help me?

  • You will be provided with lesson material that has been specifically developed for the course, and is based on real life situations in English speaking countries. You will learn effective language skills that help you to express yourself naturally and boost your linguistic self-confidence.

  • Through our 1 on 1 and small group online remote lessons, you can review the English expressions commonly being used in your daily life, and, with your trainer's support, overcome any language challenges you may experience.

  • Experience a personalised lesson with your trainer by sharing the specific English language skills you personally wish to improve on.

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