Customer Service

Covers language skills with a focus on high standards of customer service in the globalisation wave.

Experience improvement of your language skills that leads to providing specialised customer service.

Why is it important to study Brighten's customer service skills English course?

  • Global markets are expanding digitally regardless of the type of industry and the language barriers.

  • The core customer service skills you need to learn in English that add value and specialisation to serve valuable customers are essential all around the world.

How is the customer service course structured?

Learn practical service terminology and expressions suitable for various situations within online, landline and/or face-to-face environments.

Share the area of the customer service language skills that you want to develop with your trainer in order to focus more on those relevant language skills.

After each session ends, you can review what you have learnt for the day at anytime and anywhere using your personalised lesson material.

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